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          The Magicians Foundation Incorporated began when David Lim, a successful businessman, who was also very much interested in the Art of Magic met Juancho Lunaria (Wanlu), an amateur magician then, Danny Luchavez  and Domenico Tapiador (Mimo), both well-accomplished professional magicians.  One day they decided to form a group where magicians in the Philippines could be united for the welfare and improvement of their art.

David Lim Juancho "Wanlu" Lunaria Danny Luchavez Dominico "Mimo" Tapiador
David Lim Juancho "Wanlu" Lunaria Danny Luchavez Domenico "Mimo" Tapiador

          So in 1990, they founded The Magicians Foundation, Inc. Philippines and subsequently invited other magicians.  The foundation was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 24, 1990 with SEC # 177409. It became International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Ring 322, through the efforts of Enrique “Burik” Nadela, on March 20, 1997 with the following as Charter Members: Enrique Nadela, Danilo Luchavez, Sherwin Lim, Allan Rondina, Joseph Sulit, Allan De Mesa, David Lim, Nap Bargas Perez, Ernesto Sarangaya, Eduardo Papistol, Richard Gonzales and Juancho Lunaria.  Since then, the membership continues to grow by the year.

Ring Quality Award

On March 29, 2004, under the leadership of Dr. Ronnie Moraleta, I.B.M. Ring 322, The Magicians Foundation, Inc. (MAGFI) was officially bestowed with the prestigious Superior Ring Quality Award from the I.B.M. through Territorial Vice President Ferdinand Flores.


          MAGFI’s vision is to uplift the standards of Magic as a form of entertainment in The Philippines.  We dream, that one day the Filipino magician would become a well competitive performer to the world market,  a dream, which we hope to achieve in the near future.

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